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The most common question every business owner and marketer asks themselves regarding Facebook pages is: “How do we get more Facebook likes?”

Although the total numbers are not as important as the strength of your following, attracting more Facebook likes helps promote your messages to a wider audience and is crucial in successfully performing viral campaigns. It is also used as a measure for reporting on campaign performance – updates that attract 20 comments are suitable recognised as having less of an impact then updates which receive 200 comments. Using sound techniques to attract more Facebook likes should be part of any Facebook campaign.

Here is some helpful advice to help you attract more Facebook likes.

1. Comment as your Facebook page, not as your profile

You should always comment as your Facebook page, rather than as your own personal profile. This builds more links to your page, which develops your presence and extends exposure. Increasing you page’s visibility will in turn increase engagement because you will create more ways for fans to interact. Make this standard practice in your Facebook efforts.

2. Participate in relevant Facebook groups

Actively participating in many Facebook groups is important so that you’re present in places where large pools of potential connections already exists. If the group is private, send a message to the administrator to nicely introduce yourself and ask about the possibility of joining the group. Once you’ve joined, take the time to connect and engage directly with the audiences. Refrain from writing sale pitches or spamming links to your own website or social profiles. Make it your goal to be helpful and your relationships will strengthen.

3. Use various media in your Facebook updates

You might have found that people tend to lean more towards spending 5 minutes watching a YouTube video than 5 minute reading an article. Similarly, your Facebook updates should be varied in content and always include call to actions. Images have more weight in search results and have been proven to increase engagement significantly. Use this to your advantage by utilising Facebook’s media sharing options to brighten your posts and bring some excitement to your updates.
Facebook Likes

4. External Facebook promotions

Integrating wider marketing activities into your Facebook campaign will extend your visibility and provide additional routes to access your Facebook page. A few examples where you can share your Facebook link are: on your forum signatures, email signatures, website, blog, business cards, flyers, brochures and ebooks.

5. Facebook call to actions

Your updates should have clear call to actions to direct people to do do something of value to you. This can only be achieved if your content is both interesting, and gives something of value back. A good example I often see is when businesses offer free materials or eBooks in exchange for receiving your ‘like’. Just by clicking the like button can be a win-win situation because it provides the page owner with a route for further communication and the subscriber with additional free resources.

Successfully implementing these strategies should see your Facebook likes increase. Have you got any other tactics you use to increase Facebook likes?