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A day in the life of a social media manager can be very hectic indeed. With the amount of social networks now available as viable and effective marketing channels, a social media manager can find themselves overwhelmed with seemingly endless tasks and activities.

Just have a read of this article “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Great Social Media Manager” and you will understand the complexities of a social media management role.

Hopefully, this infographic should shed some light into a typical day in the life of a social media manager. It should certainly open the eyes to business owners who outsource this service, yet demand a good return on their investment. It should also provide valuable insights for aspiring social media managers and highlight what they will likely be expected to undertake, should they begin their journey within this marketing discipline.

I also hope that, for those of you who are involved in social media marketing, this provides both motivation and curiosity. Motivation in the sense that if your typical day doesn’t look similar to this, then there is likely to be room for improvement. And curiosity as even the best social marketers can find ways to adapt and develop the strategies and practices that they have formulated throughout their experiences.

If you thought a day in the life of a social media manager was tweeting and Facebook posts, think again…

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this infographic. Is anything missing? Is it representative of your daily social marketing activities?

A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager: Infographic

A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager

Infographic courtesy of RazorSocial

I think this infographic sums it up nicely. A day in the life of a productive social media manager is filled with different activities which require different skills and competencies.

I think the misconception of hiring young teenagers to post status updates has overshadowed the real activities involved with effective and valuable social marketing. As social media marketing matures, I would expect the roles to follow suit.

It is normal for a large organisation to have teams to fulfil these activities. Large audiences and huge marketing scope has meant roles such as: content creators (designers, copywriters), community managers (customer service representatives, moderators, social managers) and social marketers are normal for this size of enterprise.

But for the small to medium sized businesses, social media managers are expected to fulfil most, if not all of these activities themselves. And demands will continue to grow. Budgetary constraints will always be a factor when investing in social marketing. Social media managers will have to adapt their daily activities to suit the business campaigns and objectives, as well as their own time management and capacity.

What do you think?