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Websites are now extremely easy to create, manage and maintain due to content management systems (CMS’s) like WordPress being available. These CMS’s are designed so that you can do quickly and easily undertake all the activities associated with content publishing and management.

Content marketing has become important for any serious business. The good news is that there are many plugins available, both paid and free, that make content marketing even easier than normal. Here are seven content marketing plugins that I recommend as being of use for your content marketing campaigns.


People don’t want to see subscription forms jump out at them as soon as they reach your website. They want to find out more about you first. OptinLinks makes that very easy by using a two-step optin process.

The form is hidden behind the link, button or image and once clicked, it pops up with the optin form. It’s one of the most effective content marketing plugins when it comes to list building and can increase optin rates dramatically compared to static web forms.

This plugin has impressive backend features too. From built in split-testing, to full responsiveness, to stats broken down to a science. OptinLinks also integrates with most popular email marketing clients, so you can automatically and seamlessly build lists straight from your website to your email software.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Search engine optimisation will always remain important in content marketing strategies. With WordPress SEO by Yoast, you have the security of using the most popular SEO plugin of all time.

After configuring the plugin, you will be all set to start optimising each page and post for search. The plugin shows red, amber and green lighting system with suggestions on how to improve the page ranking score next to each rating, making it easy to understand and use.

Share Buttons by AddToAny

Sharing your content is essential – you can’t simply publish your content on your website and hope people will stumble across it. Share Buttons by AddToAny is one of the content marketing plugins that makes it easy for you and others to promote your posts on social media.

It offers all the most common social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Unlike many other plugins, this also offers StumbleUpon and other similar sites for those who want to increase their reach. Users just click the social icon of choice and personalise the message before posting.


All websites need testing, even if you use a content management system. There are a few content marketing plugins for testing out there, but Optimizely is one of the best. It is very easy to set up, by just adding the coding into the plugin dashboard after signing up for an account.

Testing your business content and marketing resources will ensure you continually improve. Using data to make informed decisions means you will continue to focus on refining elements that work towards your marketing goals.

Editorial Calendar

When it comes to scheduling posts, WordPress does not make it easy to manage or visualise. You need to make sure you have a marketing calender to organise your content marketing initiatives and coordinate future activities. The Editorial Calendar plugin is essential for doing just this for your on-page publishing and management practices.

It provides a full overview of all the posts to be published on your blog. It is then possible to manage them directly from the page. Just drag the post to a different day if you want to change the schedule, or select the date so you can manage the posts quickly and easily.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Content Marketing Plugins - Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Free from WordPress.org directory

When readers visit your blog, you want to try and retain attention. The best way of doing that is to give them related content after they have digested a post. But you shouldn’t expect people to troll through all your posts or use search features to see if there is anything else they may find useful. This is where content marketing plugins like YARPP come in.

YARPP will search your list of posts and showcase thumbnails of related content after your articles. There’s even a pro version that provides additional features such as customisable thumbnails and the ability to pull content from multiple sites.

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly and WPtouch Mobile Plugin does just this. It creates a simple theme that will appear when someone checks your website from a mobile device.

The content will be laid out in a way that is readable on smaller screens, without the annoyance of scrolling side to side. Your desktop version isn’t affected during this – both the mobile and desktop themes are separate and only shown to users using the applicable devices.

Are you using different content marketing plugins to optimise your website practices?