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Last year, I wrote a few articles that covered my latest reading material on social media marketing. It was a good way to give credit where credit was due and to shout out my favourite bloggers who consistently produced great articles.

Now that 2013 is over, I have compiled a list of 50 digital marketing articles that have quite simply been the best I have read in recent times. The content in these posts truly is compelling – a phrase that is often overused.

Whether you are a beginner in online marketing or a seasoned pro, going through these resources will no doubt be beneficial to you and I’m sure you will learn something from every piece.

So without further ado, here are the winners of the SJD Content Awards for the Top 50 digital marketing articles. Congratulations to all that made the cut!

In no particular order…


    Content Marketing

  1. Content Marketing Taken Over by Zombies by Meryl K Evans
  2. “Meryl is the content maven behind meryl.net, a writing and editing business serving a diversity of clients including B2B and B2C companies.”

  3. 20 Contrarian Rules on Content Marketing from 20 Experts by Henley Wing
  4. “Co-creator of BuzzSumo, a web app that helps you identify engaging content ideas and outreach opportunities. I sometimes tweet coffees for fun.”

  5. Is Content Marketing Replacing PR? (broken link) by Zac Johnson
  6. “Internet marketer for over a decade now, and a blogger for over four years.”

  7. Why Visual Content Will Rule Digital Marketing in 2014 by Richard Eaves
  8. “Richard Eaves is a Digital Marketing Specialist for Smart Traffic. He developed a passion for SEO while working as a webmaster for some well-known high street companies. His particular specialities are technical onsite SEO and content development.”

  9. How To Do Better Product Reviews On Your Blog by Justin Germino
  10. “Justin Germino is also known as the “Dragon Blogger” and is a Full time IT Manager who runs a rapidly growing technology blog known as Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment as a part time hobby.”

  11. How Can I Optimise My Content For More Google Love by Dani Ivanov
  12. “Blogging With Dani is a website that shares information on building your blog, social media, receiving traffic and monetization. Do not worry if you just started your blog as there is plenty of information for newbies and those that are more experienced.”

  13. The Soft and Subtle PR Pitch of Content Marketing by Frank Strong
  14. “Father. PR pro. Soldier. Pats fan all the time, political news junkie anytime. Earned an MA and an MBA more years ago than I’d care to admit.”

  15. The Pinterest Marketing Strategy 99% of Retailers Are Missing by Jacob Curtis
  16. “An early adopter of digital media, Jacob has observed the evolution and adoption of social media in connecting people online. Working at Bonfire Marketing he continues to hone his craft and creates social media tutorials in his free time.”


  17. Top 10 Social Media Infographics of 2013 by Mitt Ray
  18. “Mitt Ray is the Founder of Social Marketing Writing and the Director of imittcopy (The White Paper Blog). He is also the author of the book White Paper Marketing.”

  19. Online reputation management: The ultimate guide By Peter Trapasso
  20. “Peter Trapasso is a writer and social media marketing expert who blogs at PeterTrapasso.com. He is based in San Francisco, Ca. For many years he worked for Fortune 500 and startup companies in high technology.”

  21. The anatomy of content marketing infographic by Karen Webber
  22. “Karen Webber is the head of marketing communications. She joined the ContentPlus team as a journalist in 2005, after working in marketing and media roles in South Africa and in the UK.”

  23. The Author Rank Building Machine by Daniel Dannenberg
  24. “Daniel Dannenberg is a Graphic Designer at Vertical Measures and provides the company with his design knowledge with branding, illustration, and information graphics.”

  25. How to Increase the Domain Authority of Your Site by Jitendra Vaswani
    “I am SEO Geek. I am Passionate Blogger, Gregarious Person, WordPress Lover, Web Enthusiast, a Tech Lover, Writer and an Internet Para-Addict!”

  26. 11 Most Important Google Search Algorithm Updates/Changes in 2013 by Pratik Dholakiya
  27. “Pratik Dholakiya is the Co-Founder & VP of Marketing at E2M Solutions.”

    Social Media Marketing

  28. Wait! Read This Before you Buy twitter Followers or Facebook Likes by Steven J Wilson
  29. “Steven began his online journey back in 2009 creating his first website. In 2012 he found his passion for helping others succeed online. Since then he has been consulting individuals on SEO and building functional websites.”

  30. 7 Twitter Mistakes you can’t afford to make in 2014 by Harsh Ajmera
  31. “A social media and web tech enthusiast. I keep myself busy with building social media strategies, tactics, exploring new platforms and sharing the best of my knowledge online.”

  32. Is Hiring An Intern Social Media Suicide? by Meg Rulli
  33. “Meg Rulli is the co-founder of Sticky Marketing, where she helps small companies stand out and express their personalities online. Their MarketingMinds social media training course prepares interns to professionally represent their employer’s brand online, strategically design social media campaigns, and build online communities for their company.”

  34. 12 Ways Social Media Could Leave You Needing A Lawyer by Aaron Agius
  35. “Experienced search, content and social marketer. Worked with some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands to build their online presence.”

  36. 10 Critical Pinterest Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Business Owners by Jan Kearney
  37. “Increase your online visibility, attracts more leads and clients. G+ Local, websites, social, blogging and more.”

  38. On intent: the key question marketers forget to ask by J-P De Clerck
  39. “J-P De Clerck is a 360° customer-centric business and marketing consultant, strategist and trainer. He is managing partner of i-SCOOP.”

  40. Blurred Lines: Who Owns Social Media in the Enterprise? by Sam Fiorella
  41. “Sam Fiorella is a Partner at Sensei Marketing, a consulting and technology firm focused on aiding global companies grow their business value through improved customer experiences.”

  42. Loss of Control: The Dying Breed of Traditional Marketing by Hessie Jones
  43. “CEO at ArCompany, and a seasoned digital strategist having held management positions for top Ad Agencies including Ogilvy, Rapp Collins, and Isobar Digital. Hessie is also an active blogger/writer for ArCompany, Huffington Post, Digital Journal and WhatsYourTech.ca”

  44. 5 Ways To Engage Without Breaking The Piggy Bank by Tony Balthazar
  45. “Tony Balthazar has a 20 plus year history as a hospitality trainer. Late December 2008 he embarked a journey to learn how to earn money as an affiliate.”

  46. Ten Political Social Media Bloopers by Lisa Mercer
  47. “Lisa Marie Mercer is a widely published writer, whose work includes topics such as travel, skiing, expat lifestyle, fitness and social media. She lives in Uruguay, with her husband, where they perform social media management for expats businesses, and for businesses around the world.”

  48. 24 Social Media Tips For The DIY Social Media Marketer In 2014 by Keri Jaehnig
  49. “Founder and CMO of Idea Girl Media, a Social Media Marketing Agency that works with business brands, non-profits & public figures to achieve social media success and positive online reputation.”

  50. Add Google+ to Your Social Media Strategy by Adam Post
  51. “Adam Post is a Los Angeles Marketer and Founder of Bright Age Digital Creative Agency.”

  52. Five tips to turn social media mistakes into customer advocacy by Ekaterina Walter
  53. “Co-founder and CMO of Branderati, a firm building influencer advocate networks. She is the author of ‘Think Like Zuck’.”

  54. Facebook Page Admins: Here’s a New Tip for Increasing Engagement With Links by Lauren Mobertz
  55. “Lauren is the managing editor for DashBurst. One part geek, one part urban nomad, she is constantly scouting for the latest tech and world news. In the evenings you’ll find Lauren running in strange places or attempting to dance salsa.”

  56. Google+ Strategies for Building a Loyal Audience by Rosie Scott
  57. “Rosie Scott is a content marketing strategist at a digital marketing company and avid blogger. You can find her and her knitting at The New Craft Society or on twitter @RosieScott22 where she’s always up for chatting.”

  58. The Ultimate Guide to Vine for Bloggers by Uttoran Sen
  59. “CEO and Founder of the Guest Crew Guest Blogging community and a full time Guest Blogger.”

    Influencer Marketing

  60. How Influence Marketing Scores Social PR Power in 2014 by Lisa Buyer
  61. “Lisa Buyer is a speaker, journalist, and educator on the trending topic of public relations and how it is influenced by social media and search engine optimization.”

  62. How To Find Brand Ambassadors & Influencers by Stephanie Frasco
  63. “VP Social Media Marketing at Convert With Content, she started helping businesses get results with social networks before Twitter even existed! She specializes in helping business owners and marketers find massive ROI by developing targeted social campaigns focused on engagement strategies that work!”

  64. 6 Reasons Why Your Company Should Practice Brand Journalism by Shireen Qudosi
  65. “Shireen Qudosi is Benchmark Email’s Online Marketing Specialist and Small Business Advocate. An Orange County based writer, Shireen specializes in online marketing and public relations. She has written for over 75 publications and has launched nine successful new media campaigns to date.”

  66. Influencer Marketing: Google Changes The Game by Dan Cristo
  67. “Director of SEO Innovation at Catalyst Online. Founder of Triberr. I love @GraceCristo, SEO, ping pong and chess.”


  68. Surprising companies that don’t rank for their logo in google image search by Garth O’Brien
  69. “Extensive experience in SEO, Social Media, Paid (SEM) and Community Management. Most of my experience involves managing Fortune 100 companies on a global and enterprise scale.”

  70. 7 Warning Signs Blogging Is Making You Go Round In Circles by Tim Bonner
  71. “Tim Bonner is a Stay At Home Dad, Blogger and Internet Marketer.”

  72. How To Make Your Blog Homepage Convert More Visitors Into Subscribers by Fabrizio Van Marciano
  73. “Fabrizio is the founder and editor at Magnet4Marketing.”

  74. 5 Powerful Reasons To Allow Comments on Your Blog by Tamal Krishna Chandra
  75. “Editor, Author, Blogger and Founder of Itamal Dot Com – Tamal Shares Addictive Tips to Improve Your Online Productivity and Knowledge about Blogging, Social Media, Technology and The Internet World.”

  76. Blog Better: 10 Blog Resolutions to Keep in 2014 by Jonathan Scheine
  77. “Jonathan Scheine is president of Long Island Marketing Company, a web design and strategic marketing company located in Hauppauge, NY.”

  78. 12 Reasons Why Blogging is One of the Greatest Jobs in the World by Victorino Abrugar
  79. “Author and founder of EntrebDotCom & BusinessTipsPh. I’m a servant and a delivery boy of information that give growth to your business and life holistically.”

  80. 99 Ways to Promote Your Blog You Aint Doing One of Them by Jason Mathes
  81. “Dad, Geek, Gamer … Blogger. I run the joint. Talking about the latest Games, Android Smartphones, or Blogging tips with WordPress.”

  82. My Blog Promotion Secrets Revealed by Harleena Singh
  83. “Founder, CEO, principal writer, and chief editor of Aha!NOW – a complete personal development and SELFhelp blog.”


  84. How To Use Google DMCA Takedown Requests to Attack Counterfeiters and Copyright Infringers by Randy Pickard
  85. “Randy Pickard has been optimizing sites for search engine rankings since 1996. He is the Marketing Director for Mac Duggal and manages their SEO and PPC campaigns. Randy is also the author of ‘Internet Marketing Remarks’.”

  86. How to improve your website to fit the latest changes on Google algorithm by Gema Molina Garcia
  87. “From Researcher to Strategist, learning and professionally growing every day, I consider myself lucky because I can work the field I love the most!”

  88. Google Deindexed My Site: 12 Reasons and Recovery Solutions by Rajesh Namase
  89. “Rajesh Namase is a professional blogger and founder of TechLila. He has a great passion in Internet technology, web development, and computer security.”

  90. 101+ Sources for Blog Content Ideas by Brian Lang
  91. “I’ve been making a living online since 2002, mostly through e-commerce sites and content sites with advertising. Through the years, I have also learned a lot about other types of businesses and helped other people with their business problems.”

    Email Marketing

  92. How to Write an Excellent Newsletter in 15 Minutes by April Atwood
  93. “April is the marketing coordinator for Scott’s Marketplace. She combines her marketing and writing experience with a love for supporting small businesses. She writes, bikes, and uses a coffee press, but not in the pretentious way.”

  94. Sick of Email Spam? What Options Do You Have? by Atish Ranjan
  95. “Atish Ranjan is a self-confessed gadget freak and an established, independent voice dedicated to providing you unique, well researched and original information from the field of technology, SEO, social media and blogging.”

  96. How to build trust to gain an email address by Sarah Arrow
  97. “I started out as a transport blogger for a same day courier company, and grew into a kick-ass blog coach as well as creator of Birds on the Blog (listed 3 times by Forbes as a top 100 website for women).”

  98. 100 Inspiring Email Subject Lines by Chad White
  99. “A former journalist for Dow Jones and Condé Nast, Chad is the Principal of Marketing Research at ExactTarget and the author of ‘Email Marketing Rules: How to Wear a White Hat, Shoot Straight, and Win Hearts’.”

Unfortunately, I had to limit myself to what I perceived as the best 50 digital marketing articles.

Over the past few months, I had bookmarked about 150 or so marketing resources that I thought were insightful and unique. If you think your article should have made it but didn’t, then chances are it just missed out…

That being said, I may have just forgotten to bookmark it or not been in close proximity to see your blog promotion in my streams. But there’s always next year!

Either way, let’s stay connected. I’ll hopefully be reading more great articles in time to come…

Which is your favourite article from my Top 50 Content Awards?

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