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Here’s a very simple idea. One that is easy to understand. Be human. But what does that mean for digital marketing? Here are four reasons why your digital marketing should be personal and not just about business.

Ditch the corporate talk in digital marketing

Never forget that your messages are being read by a real person, just like you. When you write newsletters or post to your social media accounts, keep that in mind. Make your readers laugh or cry. Be respectful of people’s time and tell them what they want and need to know. In other words, do all the things you’d appreciate in any offline 1-to-1 environment. This approach will make anything, whether it’s an email or a tweet, valuable to your users and ultimately improve your digital marketing metrics.

Be reachable in digital marketing

Find a simple and easy way for your audiences to give you feedback. If customers have a suggestion, make it easy for them to share their ideas. If you happen to put someone’s idea into practice, don’t forget to tell them you took their advice on board and made changes. You want to turn readers into loyalists, and loyalists into someone who would take a bullet for you.

Use digital marketing to tell your story

Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on your web site and probably the most over-looked. Don’t neglect this opportunity to reflect on all the reasons people should connect with you and your business. Make sure you tell people who you are, what you can do for them and why it will help them. You should always look to reflect their needs, so if they have arrived from Twitter, for example, keep the content short and sweet.

Further the conversation in digital marketing

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Know your goals. Determine why you want to have a public conversation with your followers and then identify the best platforms that can help you have that conversation. And be where your users are. A great Facebook Page won’t help you if you users are on Twitter. Too many businesses focus on too many platforms and spread themselves too thin – you have to pick the best that align with your objectives.

Have you been using a ‘corporate tongue’ to speak to your digital marketing audiences? How do you think you can adjust your approach to communication to enhance your conversations?

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