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Your strongest quality in life – do you know what it is? This could take you some time to think about…

It never even occurred to me until having a conversation with my fiancé about how to tackle her teaching training material. In this instance, she cared so much about wanting to improve her children’s learning that she was losing sight of what the training module was asking her to complete. I can think of a million other examples, but it goes without question that her strongest quality in life is caring.

So that got me thinking about my strongest quality. After deliberating, I came up with problem solving.


I like to think that my daily life evolves around solving people’s problems. Not in a psychiatric way. More so that businesses come to me for help in how to market their products or services and I help them achieve their vision. I co-founded a web design company that helps to solve people’s problems of wanting quality websites. I independently run this blog, which aims to provide quality content to help improve people’s knowledge and understanding of digital marketing. I also cook each day to help solve my fiancé’s constant hunger problems, but that’s another story!

The approach to this line of thinking that I want you to consider is this; If you realise what your strongest quality in life is, then are you really using it enough in marketing?

Let that sink in. If you are sure that you have one single quality that stands out above all the rest, then are you using this productively in marketing activities?

Playing to your strengths defines most people’s journey through life. If you’re very analytical and love data, then chances are you’ll end up in a working role that incorporates this skill set – perhaps trading, business or finance.

Examples Of How You Could Implement Your Strongest Quality In Marketing
  • Caring: Your marketing angle is focused on your customer’s needs, highlighting exceptional support and service and demonstrating an acute level of understanding.
  • Analytical: You stress the importance of data and focus on the benefits this could bring to your customers. Showcasing your analytical knowledge holds weight in your industry and positions yourself as a thought leader or influencer.
  • Personable: Your tactics position you at the forefront of customer interaction, always engaging with your customers and discussing their thoughts and concerns.
  • Ambitious: Your marketing scope aligns with your ambition to continue to expand, snowballing growth and always looking for ways to develop into new or emerging markets.
  • Determined: Your marketing efforts are solely focused on achieving your goals. You aggressively look to fulfil your sales and lead generation strategies and exceed the targets you set.
  • Creative: Your marketing campaigns are unique and have a creative flair about them. You focus on new angles for attracting and converting audiences and are not shy to think ‘out of the box’.

Integrating your strongest quality deeper into your marketing efforts will provide a true reflection on who you really are. The truth is, you probably have strong qualities in many areas that are applicable to marketing. But the reasoning still stands that your strongest quality should reflect your primary positioning and approach to marketing.

When you are not using your strongest quality productively, you are never in a state of self-fulfillment or give a true reflection of who you are. Or at least you’re not using your strongest quality as effectively as you could.

I like to work long hours because I love what I do. Some might think I’m crazy to work at my desk for most of the hours the sun is up (and most of the hours it’s down!). I feel that because I am using my perceived strongest quality throughout my work, I have a feeling of satisfaction and this drives me to continually grow and improve. I understand that my free resources on my blog are angled at solving problems and I try to keep it this way. I’m sure my readers appreciate it.

Not using your strongest quality throughout your marketing activities is like a crocodile not using its bite. Some food might slip into it’s mouth but it will never be very productive, rarely have a stomach full of food and won’t represent what it truly is.

not using your strongest quality in work is like a crocodile without a bite

So I challenge you to think about what your strongest quality is. And then think about if you’re using it enough in marketing.

I am sure that this line of thinking could help you improve your working routines and enable you to better understand how you can make the most out of your skills.

I’d love to hear your comments below.