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Postific is a social management and marketing platform created to help businesses increase social engagement and reach more customers.

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Postific is a brand new social media management and marketing platform that was launched on 21st December, 2013.

I like to always stay on the look-out for better social marketing tools, so I just had to dig deeper and find out more about this one…

Postific makes all the right noises in explaining what it can offer. The usual mix of management, analysis, security and support all seem to be covered.

The software opens directly in your browser – not having to download software is especially favourable to me. Postific also offers a no credit card free 60 day trial.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Postific’s founder, Rosen Ivanov. He summarised it’s ambitions as:

“The main difference between Postific and other social media management tools will be the simplicity of doing social media management. The main target will be ‘Saving people’s time’, including targeted tools for reaching new customers. But it won’t just be tracking engagement and audience activity…

…Because NO ONE at the moment can come back to me and say ‘I have a tool which will show a list of potential leads which you can massively connect to with 1 single click.'”

This is an ambitious vision.

I’m afraid that software like this will make my freelance social media work redundant. I’m not sure finding a laser-targeted list of prospects within 1 click will ever be achievable, else everyone would be millionaires, but I think I understand the principle and what Postific is trying to achieve.

You will no doubt know that time is crucial for social media managers. You just need to check out what is actually involved in a normal day, or what it takes to be a great social media manager, to fully understand and appreciate the demands.

So Postific has set a high bar to try and jump to meet working demands. But then there is also choice.

Social media management tools aren’t new. Social marketers have been using them for years. The most popular choices for freelancers or small business professionals are currently: Hootsuite, TweetDeck, SproutSocial and BuzzBundle.

There is also a different range of social software aimed at the bigger companies and brands. A few include: Radian6, ArgyleSocial, SimplyMeasured and Brandwatch.

How will Postific position itself within this mix? After proving the system works, they will bridge the gap between both groups of software.

How will Postific stand out from the rest, or manage to convince social media professionals and businesses to change their software of choice?

Postific will effectively do all the “standard” social management tasks, yet quicker. But the real value will be realised in it’s future prospecting and lead generation functionality.

These concepts are yet to be released, but are in the planning and development stages already. As you will understand, any software that is only a few weeks old has a lot of room for development. Initial public releases of new software are usually more of a testing phase to see how users react to the software.

Ivanov provides his thoughts on the launch of Postific:

What we are preparing right now in terms of new features is the core of the system which will completely separate Postific from all other social media management tools.

This stage also provides a critical juncture for the Postific team to gain as much feedback as possible, as quickly as possible, in order to drive the software towards what the end users want.

In this case, there is simply no one better to offer feedback than social media managers and marketers. So, I’ve had a decent play about with Postific and…

My five initial thoughts and feelings about Postific

  • It feels like a lighter version of Hootsuite
  • It’s branding with the blue/green/orange/grey colour scheme is quite familiar with social software and technology (think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, and Hootsuite to name but a few). They haven’t tried to differentiate by going crazy with pinks and purples – this colour scheme is popular for a reason.
  • It doesn’t have a home tab full of vertical streams like other social management software. A lot of the information is presented in horizontal tables.
  • You need to have a bitly account to track URL analytics – shame it doesn’t offer it’s own URL shortening service.
  • It seems to have ticked all the right boxes in terms of what it needs to deliver – it’s just understandably light in terms of how much each function actually delivers. An example is the “Twitter Insights” tab, which doesn’t offer any insights as of yet, other than that what you can find out by looking at a basic Twitter profile.

Postific Twitter Insights
The website www.postific.com is also quite attractive and easy to use. This is something I always look for, as it’s the first building blocks of establishing relationships and a user base.

After taking some time to think about the potential and ambition of Postific, I came up with a list of ten things I would like to see improved or integrated into the software. I have broken these down into two categories with five points for each:

Absolutely essential updates needed before I would consider switching to Postific

  1. Lack of real-time focus. The interface of other competitor’s software solves this via using refreshable streams. Without streams or keyword tracking, it comes across as something I would use to schedule and syndicate content, but not use it to engage on. And this is probably not it’s purpose.
  2. More social network integration. Postific is currently limited to only Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (although many more are coming soon).
  3. Smart analytics. Measuring and combining metrics to provide insights that highlight changes/improvements (not just raw statistics)
  4. A social monitoring system. The single reason why I bought and use BuzzBundle was to monitor the entire social web for keywords and to find conversations within a few clicks.
  5. Reporting. There is no function to build reports. Hootsuite offers this, albeit it’s a paid feature. I haven’t yet found free social media software that offers decent reporting features.

Favourable features that I would like to see added to Postific to make my life easier

  1. Quicker content creation and management. A bulk upload feature from .csv, for instance, could avoid having to click many times to upload say, 50 future posts. The management of content seems to be especially light, which goes back ot the lack of streams and visual content displays.
  2. Content curation. If I could find, organise and share secondary content quickly and easily from within the interface, then it would save me having to even open an internet browser.
  3. Own URL shortening service. Merely to avoid having to register for another service. Also, integrating with bitly means Postific relies on bitly – if it goes down, you lose your URL tracking/analytics. At the back of my mind, I have always preferred somewhat self-sufficient software.
  4. Ability to update social media branding directly from interface. This is something I have not seen done before and would make it stand out from other social management software.
  5. Instant messaging. The ability to integrate some IM services, like Skype, MSN messenger and others, would save me a lot of time and enhance it’s overall usage. In fact, if it managed to integrate them effectively, I would probably never turn it off!

These are based on my own experiences being a social media manager. I’m sure you have your own lists – what’s you’re biggest like/dislike?

I’m sure that in the near future, some of these features will be introduced or improved upon. It’s also realistic to understand that it might be very difficult, or unfeasible, to implement an entire wish-list from one person.

Something else that could enhance the Postific software would be Postific extensions. This could effectively overcome the hurdle of having to log in every time you wanted to add an article, video, image etc to your Postific content calender.

Another far-fetched idea I have thought of previously, is blog commenting.

If social media software can be integrated with the commenting functionality on blogging platforms like WordPress, or even blog commenting services like Disqus, then being able to comment on blogs from within the interface, as well as further features like scheduling comments, would be Über cool. I have no idea if this is currently available, or even possible, but it seems like a useful idea.

What do you think?

Postific LogoI personally like the simple, fast (I hate slow software!) and uncluttered interface. I understand that before the more complex functionality arrives, it needs to be tested to see if it delivers on the basics. Do you think it does?

Right now, I couldn’t give Postific more than 2 stars because it feels like it isn’t finished. And I’m sure it isn’t. Everything is a little too light for me – I need depth in functionality. For some though, this could actually be a benefit.

Once the next wave of updates are released, it would be interesting to do another (maybe video) review to look into the progress.

Have a play about with Postific and see what you think. It would be good to find out what you would like to see improved in the comments section below. What would have to be done to make you switch from your existing social media software of choice?

What specific features are essential for you when using social media management software? What do you think is missing or needs to improve on Postific?