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The Social Marketing Infographic below represents two different angles some social marketing professionals tend to take with clients.

The villain either doesn’t understand social marketing enough, or is trying to accommodate their clients by giving false recommendations based on their specific project requirements.

The hero will state truths, backed up by solid research and that seeks to expose common social marketing myths, even if it isn’t what their clients want to hear.

I’m sure you have heard some horror stories from business owners before about various things they have read or been told by social marketers. It would be great to hear your experiences in the comment section!

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Social Marketing Infographic: Are you the Hero or Villain?

Social Marketing Infographic

Have you ever based any of your recommendations on any of heroic or villainous statements above? As a business owner, have you ever been told anything along these lines?

Social media marketing is still somewhat of a grey area for businesses owners. It is easily misunderstood and can be confusing to put into practice.

A solid base to develop or recommend strategies comes from a robust understanding of social marketing. Without sound knowledge and experience, it is easy for social marketers to include the odd villainous statement into their pitch to make it sound like they are fulfilling all of their client’s demands.

When a social media marketer says any of the villainous statements, you can be sure that they are more concerned about profit than fulfilling campaign goals and objectives.

When you hear some of the heroic statements used, especially when it may seem like it is undesirably expanding the scope of the project, it is usually because the social marketer has in-depth knowledge and understanding of what the social media campaigns will affect and how they can be achieved.

Are you the hero or the villain?