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I have recently found myself wondering whether it is effective to use social media automation tools when carrying out different tasks and activities. Now, for some tasks this is almost a no brainer. But for others I am not so sure. Is using too many automation tools really effective in achieving one of the main goals of social media success – engagement?

My two favourite automation tool I use to aid my social media activities are:

Hootsuite lets you separate your social media pages into streams for easy use of cross-platform control. It also lets you schedule messages and post to multiple pages, create reports and provides custom analysis.

Google Alerts monitors the web for particular content and automatically emails you the results, depending on the criteria you set. It can allow you to monitor; a developing story, a competitor, keep current with news or keywords and keep tabs on anything you set in the parameters.


For me, the primary use of these automation tools is to save time in completing routine daily tasks, to free up time so that I can build relationships, engage with people and post quality content. I know there are some people who ‘over-use’ a huge variety of tools to try to automate too many processes in their social media activities and miss out on the key factors in delivering the strategy.

Remember, people want to engage with people, not robots. You have to be able to engage with people, to show your personality and charisma, in order to build meaningful relationships and effectively utilise your social media strategies.

Do you automate too many social media activities? Which tools do you use most?