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I like comedy. And I like social media. But the two don’t always go together very well.

This social media comedy video by Guard Llama is pretty funny though. The 6 short sketches play out how people think and act in the biggest 6 social networks.

If for any reason the video isn’t available above, here is the link again – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMSeBMzrOXs

It was hard to find much information on Guard Llama, other than what was listed on their YouTube Channel.

Their channel description kind of sets the tone for their comedy:

Like a stoic guard llama watching over the chicken coop, our movies deliver on filling your mind…and your heart…with laughter.

….that was a terrible analogy. I’m so sorry. Can we make it up to you with our hilarious sketches?

No? Alright. I tried.

Social Media Comedy - Guard LlamaHere is a quick run through of the video:

Act I: Facebook A kind of geeky looking and abusive man asks a girl to be his friend – then pervs over her pictures.

Act II: Twitter A bunch of people are shouting, trying to ensure they are heard over the noise.

Act III: MySpace A drunk is lying motionless in the alleyway, clutching an empty vodka bottle. A litre bottle at that.

Act IV: LinkedIn A man hands his CV to a potential employer, who takes it and rips it into little pieces. At the end of the sketch, someone pops up from nowhere and asks if he wants to join his network.

Act V: Google+ A group of people ask a man if he wants to join their circle. He does.

Act VI: Tumblr A women shows a man a bunch of pictures – they are both in fits of giggles while the pictures are shown.

How accurate a representation do you think these sketches are of social networking? As a short piece of social media comedy, I had a nice giggle to myself. Hopefully, it put a smile on your face too.

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Have you watched any hysterical social media comedy lately? If so, let me know in the comments section below.