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Customer service is a fundamental activity for businesses participating in social media.

Any time a business comes in contact with someone in social media, then there is an opportunity to raise interest, create desire and influence actions. Being effectively engaged in social media creates more awareness for the business, meeting all four pillars on the AIDA marketing acronym.

So it’s clear that there is plenty opportunity for businesses in social media to position themselves as a valuable resource to their audiences and create positive perceptions for brand awareness.

In fact, 30% of top brands now have dedicated customer service Twitter accounts.

Twitter is the most common social channel for customer service because of the speed in delivery. Only being able to write 140 characters at a time means messages get sent and digested a lot quicker. It’s faster to respond to and good practise would mean a short, concise answer is given with a link to where more information can be found.

In reality though, the published results still leave a lot to be desired.

Eptica reported that only 36% of consumers get their issues solved quickly and effectively on social media.

“Companies in the UK are currently losing £12 billion every year as a result of poor customer service, combined with the fact that 71% of consumers who receive positive customer care are likely to recommend that brand to others, should be more than enough to make all brands sit up and take notice.” – Sentimentmetrics

It’s obvious that there are massive opportunities being missed and it’s crystal clear that there’s a skill gap for meeting the modern consumer demands.

So how can you leverage social platforms to deliver effective customer service? Check out this infographic below outlining 10 simple steps to brilliant social customer service.

How To Use Social Media For Effective Customer Service [Infographic]

Infographic courtesy of Lucy Tyerman

I frequently use social media to research products or services that I do not know a lot about and that I am considering purchasing.

It’s very common in my own experiences to find that companies simply don’t respond to enquiries or concerns.

Take my following tweet I posted a few weeks ago below about enquiring into hiring a wedding suit:


I still have not received a reply. It’s fair to say I won’t be hiring a suit from this company!

It beggars belief that companies can be this bad. So it raises the question:

Why are you on social media in the first place if you are not using it effectively?

It’s not like social media management is still a brand new concept – there are social media managers who could help and plenty of online resources to learn from.

I think the likely answer would be that the decision makers jumped on the social boom band wagon and thought they needed to have Twitter and Facebook account…

…not knowing that if they are not using social media effectively, then it will likely do them a a lot more harm than good!

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Customer Service Opportunities in Social Media

If customer service is one of, if not the main objective in social media marketing, then chances are you can vastly improve your services. The numbers don’t lie.

Implementing the 10 steps in the infographic above can help, but can you think of any other helpful tips or advice on how to improve customer service using social media?