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Are we now in a period where we are labelled as ‘the social media generation’? Does it seem like everyday life cannot be lived without the aid of social networking?

The term ‘generation’ is often used in social sciences to mean “people within a delineated population who experience the same significant events within a given period of time” (Wikipedia).

So with the current 1 billion plus Facebook users and 500 million plus Twitter users, I guess this phrase is not misplaced.

Most teenagers can’t remember life without social media, or the internet for that matter, having grown up with continual access to even the most primitive forms of online communication.

Today, social networking websites like Twitter have become a basic part of our lives. Social media is changing our academic lives, our social lives, our working lives and, most importantly, our personal lives.

People have made social media a frequent part of their daily routines, oftentimes referencing it as a source of news to keep in touch with the world. The problem is that it has an addicting effect, making it feel almost impossible to avoid.

Cue the animated video above, appropriately titled “The Social Media Generation”.

The Social Media Generation

Zen Pencils created a sobering comic where the script used is a quote from Marc Maron’s book “Attempting Normal”.

The comic image version can be viewed on the Zen Pencils website here.


Tamtu Bui (Narrator) – http://www.youtube.com/blogtu
Amber Lee Connors (Tantrum kid) –

Powerful Message

Although my own everyday life is indeed ingrained in social media, I thought this comic delivered a powerful message – you shouldn’t live your entire life on social media.

The images towards the end of the video, with the junkie in the toilets and then the ‘normal’ person sitting on the toilet with his phone, was especially captivating.

The take-away is clear – social media has become immensely popular and valuable for many reasons, but don’t let it rule you.

I never thought I would say this, but use social networking responsibly. Don’t let it take over your life!

Do you think we are now in the age of the social media generation?