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Social media job titles are notoriously diverse. Less than 20 years ago, social media marketing roles didn’t exist. It was in 1994 that Geocities created the first social media network and as recently as 2004 when Facebook was founded, before the popularity skyrocketed and social media became a mainstream marketing discipline.

The younger generation, naively attributed to typical roles within social media due to the regularity in which they use social networks, have had their own influence on how they are perceived in the industry. Some funky social media job titles have been cropping up lately. Even now, when social media marketing is acknowledged as a viable and serious marketing channel for businesses, the job titles seem to fluctuate from person to person. Some are just hilarious!

It’s apparent that the industry “standard” for social media job titles falls into a common theme: Social Media Manager, Social Media Marketer, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Community Manager etc all fit the corporate bill. There are some creative social media job titles I have seen recently that are, quite frankly, just cringe worthy…

Have a read through this list of 51 hilarious social media job titles – I’m sure you’ll have a chuckle at a few of them!

51 Hilarious Social Media Job Titles

1. Social Talent Optimisation Strategist

Say whaaaaa?

2. Social Solutionist

They fix societies’ problems? What heroes.

3. Social Media Profit Mechanic

I’m not sure where to begin with this one.

4. Dynamic Social Innovator

They’re trying a bit too hard to wrap it up in cool-sounding words.

5. Social Media Rockstar

I’m sure they play guitar heroes.

6. Community Wizard

They’re casting spells on people now?

7. Executive Social Media Architect

They design buildings? I thought social media was virtual…

8. Social Media Engager

Surely every social media professional engages with people? Isn’t that what “social” means?

9. Social Inventor

They invented socialism?

10. Community Management Pro

Anyone who gets paid to manage communities is a professional.

11. Superior Social Tactician

That’s a little far-fetched. Are they a general planning battles now?

12. Social Mediaholic

Being addicted to social media is not big and it’s not clever.

13. Digital Achiever

What does this even mean?

14. Social Visionary

That’s taking it a bit far…

15. Community Director

Sounds like a glorified community manager, except how do they direct a whole community?

16. Social Mercenary

They fight other social media professionals? En garde!

17. Specialist Chat Marketer

Do they mean a customer service representative?

18. Social Wrecking Ball

I’m not so sure businesses will want to hire someone who will wreck their social communities.

19. Social Media Wing-man

Every young, single guy needs a good wing-man.

20. Community Operator

They operate a whole community? Maybe it’s best they let someone else join in.

21. Social Media Composer

Social media has its own symphonies now?

22. Social Performer

Ah, they’re the ones who are directed by the Social Media Composer.

23. Digital Marketing Constructor

How does one build digital marketing? It’s a service, not an object.

real social media job titles

I’m not making these social media job titles up. People are actually using them!

24. Social Marketing Guru

Now commonly used, mostly for those who definitely are not gurus.

25. Epic Social Manager

Probably won’t be living up to the title if they have to use this to stand out.

26. Social Media Assassin

Who have they killed in the virtual world to earn their stripes?

27. Digital Engineer

Do they mean a web developer?

28. Social Media Overlord

Oh man. Too much World of Warcraft I think.

29. Digital Demigod

Half man, half… virtual?

30. Social Media Ninja

A covert agent. How do they execute social marketing if they’re stealth and no one see’s them?

31. Digital Marketing Magician

Abracadabra and their job disappears.

32. Brand Warrior

They’ve been in some tough battles I know. Keep swinging soldier!

33. The Social Media Badass

I’m not sure what to say about this one…

34. Social Media Vixen

I kind of get the play on the female fox, who is supposed to be clever and deceptive, but it really doesn’t work and comes off like they’re flirting their way to connections.

35. Social Sensei

This sounds like they’re old and trying to make it sound cool.

36. Chief Thinker

Not a lot of thought was put into this one!

37. Chief People Herder

Do they use a people-prod?

38. Social Alchemist

Be careful when mixing social potions – they can be dangerous.

39. Head of Interactions

I’m staggered at how far people are going…

40. Chatter Monkey

Is this even a job title or just a description of their tendency to talk a lot?

41. Community Data Guerrilla

Definitely an irregular or indigenous person, operating behind enemy lines to harass the enemy. It’s perfectly clear.

42. Social Media Swami

I didn’t even know what this meant until Uncle Google told me.

43. Public Happy Maker


44. Brand Champion

Who did they compete against to be considered the ‘Champion’?

45. Conversation Manager

Does this mean they are constantly monitoring everyone’s conversations?

46. Social Media Czar

Czar is a relatively new one but it seems too similar to guru and guerrilla.

47. Tweeter

You can tell they create some really imaginative tweets.

48. Youth Marketing Manager

This sounds illegal…

49. Social Media Maven

Not very distinguishable to what it is they do – are they a coach?

50. Thoughtsmith

Do they spend their whole day just thinking?

51. Social Marketing Originator

They only initiate, but don’t execute?

Social Media Job Titles - Why

I’m not too sure why some social media professionals feel compelled to use these “creative” job titles. Perhaps they are trying to align themselves to an industry that is a ‘new age style of marketing’ and they think their social media job titles should reflect that.

Either way, I’m sure you will agree that these are pretty funny.

Have you seen any hilarious social media job titles? Share the best you’ve seen in the comments section!