Quality social media marketing articles are coming thick and fast with only a few days to go before Christmas. I’ve picked up on some great pieces during the past week.

One thing that surprised me is that I noticed nearly all the best articles I bookmarked to share with you were not based on Christmas. The ones I picked up in my social media streams angled at the holiday season were largely generic or recycled. If I’ve missed out on all the best Christmas social media marketing articles, please let me know in the comments.

Merry Christmas!

The Best Social Media Marketing Articles Of The Week 22/12/13

1. Quora is a question-and-answer social media platform that has taken the world by storm since 2009. Bernard Naylor outlines 8 ways you can use Quora to get social.

2. Sourav Saha explains what link baiting is and the many ways you can use it to attract backlinks.

3. 5 trends and prediction for content marketing in 2014, by Gazalla Gaya.

4. You have to know how to measure your digital marketing in order to realise it’s level of success. Carol Lynn Rivera explains it easily.

5. Monetising your website is a crucial step in it’s development. Gilbert Samuel collected strategies from 45 experts and shared them in his post.

6. Richard Eaves wrote about the gains and pitfalls of blog commenting. A nice round up.

7. If you’re ever in the position where managing large social profiles or comunities is overwhelming, then Christine DeGraff provides her strategy which could come in handy.

8. Mark Schaefer describes his experience with participating in a “influencer outreach program”.

9. If you’re planning to use Google+ for lead generation, then this quick guide by Jitendra Vaswani will set you on the right track.

10. Learn how to control tagging of your Facebook profile by reading Kim Castleberry‘s article.

11. Do you lack Creativity in your writing? Then Adithya Shetty tells you what to do…

12. Dani Ivanov compares Hootsuite and Buffer and analyses which you should be choosing when deciding on social media management software.

13. It’s important that online writing is optimised for the search engines. Kingsley Agu outlines how you should be writing for SEO.

14. Stephan Hovnanian wrote an interesting article on what Pinterest brings to online marketing. Definitely worth a read.

15. A nice collection of images, stats, opinion, an infographic and even a gif to round up why 98.3% of small business owners should blog in 2014, by Adam Dukes.

16. Daniel Sharkov provides 5 “super simple” ways to progress with your blogging. You should pay attention to these.

17. Angela Booth look’s at 5 ways to create quality content, fast.

18. A great page of conversion rate optimization resources, put together by Rich Page.

19. Images have become an important part of social media. Mitt Ray provides tips on choosing the right social networks, the types of images you need to share and other tips like factors that can give your images more exposure.

20. I saved the best until last with my unofficial favourite of the week coming from Anne Reuss. Knowing how to explain your digital marketing job to your relatives during the Christmas holidays is an essential piece of information!


Have I Missed Some Social Media Marketing Articles?

If I’ve missed out on some great social media marketing articles, especially any Christmas orientated ones, then please tell me in the comments below!

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