Is your boss adamant that social media is not worth the time and effort to the business?

    Does your company believe that social media does not warrant the investment?

    If you’re trying to convince your boss that social media works, then chances are the business has found a marketing channel that works and is cautious about wanting to ‘risk’ changing their strategy or expanding their presence.

    It’s normal to be cautious. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Right?

    Probably wrong.

    Social Media Is Here To Stay

    Like it or not, social media is here to stay and by not utilising it’s business marketing potential, you’re giving yourself an uphill battle with competition who are using it successfully. But how do you tell this to your boss and convince them that social media works?

    The answer is usually the simplest one. Money.

    If you can demonstrate that social media will add value to the business in the form of more customers, more revenue and more profits, then it’s usually a no brainer to a business owner.

    Further to the argument of creating more wealth are the considerations of:

    • Cheaper customer cost per acquisition (CPA)
    • Meeting wider business goals
    • More diverse marketing/lead and revenue streams
    • Competitive advantage
    • Better customer service
    • Enhanced business reputation

    Write A Social Media Marketing Plan

    To convince your boss that social media works and is a good investment for the business, write a marketing plan.

    Prove to them that social media isn’t a fad and that it won’t be a drain on resources.

    It might sound simple, but by assembling a social media marketing plan to outline your practices, activities, goals and metrics, you will have a data led visual aid to give substance to your words.

    When Social Media Works

    Sometimes, changing the minds of people who hold the money can be tough. If you communicate logical reasoning behind cold, hard facts, then this gives you a theoretical standpoint. Couple this with a sound social media marketing plan, derived from solid research, then you have an attractive proposition.

    And social media IS an attractive proposition for business owners!

    Your customers and potential clients are already active in social media spaces, so meeting them on their own grounds to engage IS good business.

    Social media works when it is skillfully leveraged to achieve a specific purpose. [Tweet This!]

    Create specific measurements that you can benchmark your social media efforts against that indicate business value, create goals and milestones and listen out for reputational opportunities. You can’t win in social media overnight, but you can certainly lose!

    Does your boss need convincing that social media works?

    Is your company investing in an active social media presence as a marketing strategy to deliver ROI and enhance reputation?