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What all the hype surrounding social media, the reality is that your social media campaigns are only as effective as the people managing them.

That got me thinking – some personalities are always going to be more likely to experience success in social media management than others.

So what type of social media manager would be the most successful?

Being an effective type of social media manager is both an art and a skill. Some personalities will be more inclined to be successful at managing and inspiring online communities. Others will be strategic innovators.

Either way, the vast majority of social media managers will need months, if not years, to learn to produce social media success through a process of learning, testing and evaluation.

No doubt, the most competent type of social media manager will be some sort of hybrid, taking the best attributes and qualities from a number of approaches and personalities. But there are still some stand-out “types” that mimic many common social media managers.

So I have come up with some metaphors for comparing different animals to types of social media manager. Which animal is closest to you and reflects your social media management characteristics?

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What type of social media manager are you?


What Type Of Social Media Manager Are You?

If I expanded the infographic and included another 20 or 30 animals, there may be one that most people will think is pretty close to their social media management style.

But I purposefully refined it, so that it would make you think about which animal is closest to you from the available choice.

If I had to give my answer, I would say I’m closest to a Bear or Fox. I’m only allowed to give one answer? OK! I would say the Fox.

Saying that, if I could compare myself to any other animal, then I think I would say my social media characteristics resemble that of a shark. A lone predator, swims for miles to find food, “naturally curious and inspects everything they do not know and that looks interesting” (source).

What type of social media manager are you?

Is there on particular animal that reflects your social media characteristics?