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Is your website converting visitors into paying customers?

If not, then you’re business is leaving money on the table. Website conversion should be your first marketing priority because it’s usually the point of contact where most your sales will be made.

If you’re business is solely conducted online, then this principle intensifies dramatically. Even if you’re in a service led business with a longer time frame on your sales process, where typically customers require face-to-face meetings or consultations before any transactions, your website should still be your first marketing priority.

Why? Because it’s where most of your prospects will go first, before deciding whether or not to do business with you.

Your first impression counts. But your website conversion success counts even more.

Before planning or investing in marketing campaigns, you should first consider your website conversion potential. Attracting people to a website that has is ineffective in convincing and converting prospects will severely reduce the potential of any marketing success.

Elements Of Website Conversion

  • Clarity and purpose: you have 5 seconds to make an impression. If you fail to do so and clearly demonstrate how you can be of value, you’ve lost the opportunity to showcase your potential.
  • Branding: design is key. In order to gain confidence and persuade visitors to read on, your site must demonstrate quality and communicate the right messages, in the right places.
  • UX and UI: strong user experience and a well considered user interface will allow visitors to easily navigate around your site and make their buying decisions a lot easier.
  • Lead magnet placements: your capture resources need to position your purchases in an attractive and engaging manner.
  • Copywriting: what you say and how you say it can never be underestimated. Educate visitors in a logical and thoughtful process, in order to inspire and convert.
  • Speed: if your site takes longer than a few seconds to load, not only will this affect your SEO, but visitors will not have the patience to consider your value propositions and subsequently leave. probably for good.

High Website Conversion Overview And Examples: Video

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Your Business Needs A High Converting Website

Never underestimate the importance of a high converting website. If you have already invested in a website, or are planning to do so, then ask yourself this:

Why invest in a website at all if it is not going to work, and work well?

You should have hopefully realised that the success of your other marketing campaigns and channels have a direct impact on the strength of your website conversion performance. So before spending more on scaling your marketing efforts, spend more on improving your website.

Website Conversion Video Transcript

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