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I frequently notice some fundamental mistakes many businesses are making when introducing social media into their marketing models. The primary mistake I have witnessed is the lack of cohesion between their social media campaign strategies and their business objectives.

When breaking this down into sizeable chunks, I have noticed that many businesses simply do not formulate, develop or evaluate their social media strategies before they undertake its required activities. Even if they do, they fail to create a strategy or plan that aligns itself, or fits closely enough, with the overall business goals.

Now, what would be the point of investing time and money in a marketing campaign that takes no notice of the business behind it?

Such a basic factor to consider I know. It reminds me of times I have watched Dragon’s Den and business owners cannot give the potential investors simple information or fundamental figures, in order for them to evaluate the business opportunity. Cringe-worthy stuff!

My advice – Take your time, seek additional support or advice, and properly think through why your business would want to delve into the online space. Would being visible online add value to your business? Would the long-term results be worth the effort to stimulate its investment? If it would, think carefully about how you want to represent your business within social media.

Expanding out into unknown territory without a sound plan and strategy can be detrimental to your business health. If you do exert the energy to produce sound campaign strategies, ask yourself: “Am I fulfilling the wider goals of the business?” Your social media objectives must mirror, or add value to, those of your business.

Hopefully as a lasting example, imagine you run a business selling computer software. Your basic strategy would be aligned to sales and lead generation, as that is the core function of the business. If you then start your campaign building large audiences and mainly sharing automated content to a wide variety of platforms, then how are your customers really going to take an interest in purchasing your products? You might be very surprised just how badly companies are getting their social media activities wrong.

Many businesses simply do not understand that if you are not providing potential customers with value or a reason to take an interest in your campaigns, then you are wasting your own resources and effectively portraying your business as inadequate to their needs. Yet on a much bigger scale.

If you know of any similar mistakes, or even done some yourself, I would love to hear from you!