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Are you considering whether or not to embark on a Facebook advertising campaign?

Wondering if the rewards outweigh the costs?

The first thing to consider is why you are thinking about investing in Facebook Advertising. The three most common approaches are:

  1. To generate more likes to your Facebook page
  2. To generate wider reach for posts
  3. To generate more opt-ins on your website

This article strongly focuses on the first tactic: using Facebook Advertising to attract more fans to your Facebook page.

I have no idea why someone would prefer a Facebook Like or wider reach for one post over an email opt-in. With Facebook constantly lowering the visibility of status updates from pages to their fans, it is becoming less and less likely they will even be seen from those loyal fans wanting to see them.

An email opt-in from your website expresses genuine interest around your service offering. With the average internet user becoming more and more savvy and overwhelmed by all the various platforms and software, it’s becoming comparably harder to stand out from the crowd and attract targeted attention to your website.

And your website is usually the primary source of your online income stream. If it isn’t, you should probably rethink your online marketing strategy.

When setting up Facebook ads, you are given various advertising objectives to choose from.

Facebook Advertising Objectives

Facebook Advertising Objectives

To be fair, I know a few people who use Facebook advertising for generating website traffic and email opt-ins and they tell me it works well for them. So to highlight one word in the title of this article, Facebook advertising is not completely dead. Just mostly.

Choosing the second option Page Likes is the worst possible choice you can make for your advertising campaign objectives. You might be better off taking a blowtorch to your money, as explained in the video at the top of this page.

In case you haven’t watched the video, here is a quick summary…

  • People have set up websites where they sell Facebook likes. They hire people to click ads and make money from the margin. These are called click-farms.
  • And in order for click-farms to stay under Facebook’s radar and not get detected (it’s not exactly legal to sell Facebook likes), the people they hire to click ads or become fans will click on anything.
  • It’s hard to recognise a pattern when they are so sporadic and literally click everything, even your official Facebook advertising ad you created and spent money to promote.
  • This has basically left officially paying for likes via Facebook’s own advertising platform, redundant. Or dead.

Just watch the video and let me know your thought below in the comments.

It will be eye-opening….