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Throughout my experiences in social media, I have gathered some useful insights which I believe could help businesses and startups avoid some common mistakes. I have compiled a list of Twitter tips and advice below that should make your Twitter experience more rewarding and help maximise your Twitter potential.

Top 30 Most Powerful Twitter Tips for Startups

  1. Upload a clean profile picture – a standard egghead picture doesn’t cut the mustard.
  2. Upload professional branding to showcase your startup visually.
  3. Optimise your bio with keywords.
  4. Add your website URL to your profile.
  5. Optimise your account settings.
  6. Remember that you don’t have to read every tweet.
  7. Use #hashtags in both your profile and content.
  8. Optimise your content to display fully within the Twitter character count.
  9. Leave 20 characters or more space in each tweet to improve retweeting.
  10. Add your own comments when sharing peoples content.
  11. Interact with people directly and regularly.
  12. Thank people for any interaction with you or your startup.
  13. Create original content that is relevant to your audience.
  14. Use automated software wisely.
  15. Use management tools like hootsuite to manage your account efficiently.
  16. Showcase the real identity behind your profile.
  17. Tweet regularly at key times, not in batches.
  18. Invite followers to your other social platforms.
  19. Don’t be self-obsessed.
  20. Use Twitter meme’s like #FF.
  21. Ask people to share your content.
  22. Vary your content between text, links, images and video.
  23. Add sharing buttons, Twitter streams and follow buttons to all marketing efforts.
  24. Invite people from off-Twitter to follow you on Twitter.
  25. Continuously manage and optimise your audiences.
  26. Use Twitter lists to build focused groups of followers.
  27. If possible, have more than one Twitterer in your startup.
  28. Never get stuck in an apology loop. Be helpful instead.
  29. Listening always comes first, before talking.
  30. Check your app permissions regularly to maintain security.

Is there anything else you have found that you would like to add? How are you using Twitter in your business or startup?

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