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Social Media Manager TraitsSocial Media Manager traits are distinguishable qualities that you should look for when hiring any social media professional. Establishing whether a candidate has desirable characteristics before representing your brand is crucial in order to find a social media manager that fits with your company vision and practices.

The traits of a successful social media manager are typically aligned with their personality – research and interviews should tell you whether they are suitable for your position.

Businesses typically seek social media managers who showcase certain traits. It’s clear that some fundamental qualities are more attractive than others. So which traits are the most desirable when hiring? Which do you think are the most important to demonstrate?

Here is a list of 10 fundamental social media manager traits that most companies will be seeking evidence for, probably in order of importance:

1. Trustworthy

Every business needs to trust their employees. And trust goes both ways. It is imperative of any social media manager to effectively showcase and communicate that they can be trusted to represent the company. Social media activities are transparent and trust is easily lost, while very hard to get back.

2. Honesty

Being deceitful never got anyone anywhere. When managing social accounts, if you are not honest with everyone then it is pretty easy to see through lies. Likewise, it is usually quite simple for companies to establish whether your pitch or credentials is an honest representation of who you really are.

3. Personable

It will be hard for any businesses to hire you if you don’t come across as likable and easy to get on with. Remember, you will likely be trusted as the go-to person online for their business. Being able to quickly and effectively build relationships puts you in good stead to deliver great service to audiences.

4. Flexible

As you might tell from my A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Manager article, the role of a social media manager is hectic and diverse. You will need to demonstrate that you can work well under pressure, to your own schedules and are flexible to adapting workloads to meet the business goals or deadlines.

5. Organised

With some campaigns having so much scope and reach, being well organised is essential in order to be productive and efficient. Krystle’s guest post should provide some organisation tips if it’s an area you need to work on. Businesses like to see their employees with a well thought out manner of working and a clear, organised method to deliver.

6. Strategic

Being able to think through situations before they happen and successfully plan a campaign in advance shows insight and tactical planning. Strategic traits have always been desirable in positions that are dynamic, where fast actions and responses are necessary and frequent.

7. Good Listeners

Most of the time, social media managers will be listening to their audiences and acting in the best way possible to cater for their needs and demands. If you’re not a born listener and this trait is missing, then you’re social management skills will be pretty limited.

8. Creative

Social media is now mainstream. Nearly all serious companies have a social presence and are undertaking various social marketing campaigns. You need to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate a creative flair to capture your audiences attention. Even some basic design skills can go along way in social media – check out my Smart Insights guest post on Improving your Social Media campaigns using Graphic Design.

9. Up To Date

Social media is fast paced and ever-changing. If you’re not up to date with the latest trends and developments, the businesses will be left behind from it’s competitors and never have first-mover competitive advantages. Without possessing the latest knowledge and expertise, it’s easy for businesses to assume you’re lack of initiative and desire to keep improving your own services and capabilities.

10. Obsessive Readers

For social media managers, reading LOTS is essential. I list the best 20 social media marketing articles I read each week on my blog. Not only does this give credit where credit is due and provide complementary resources to me readers, but it also shows evidence of continual wider reading. Reading is indicative of a desire to learn new things. It provides social managers with different perspectives that are not developed from their own thinking, giving a more well-rounded knowledge base and more interesting things to talk about.

It is probably a good idea to include these traits on your CV if you’re thinking of applying for a social media manager position, as they’re what most companies are looking for. If you can provide solid evidence of each trait, then it puts you in a good position to pass the first qualifying test.

More Social Media Manager Traits

There are no doubt many other social media manager traits that companies look for. Some would be more generic and can be found within any individual, while some may be much more specific to the role.

What other social media manager traits do you think are essential? What do you think is the most important trait for social media manager’s to have?