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Does your business have a social media policy?

When was the last time you considered your companies social media policies and procedures?

If you don’t have a social media policy drawn up, then it’s probably time to do so. The dangers of employees participating on social media networks inappropriately and on behalf of your business are too great to leave to chance.

Social media policies outline what is and isn’t expected from those representing your brand. A sound social media policy should provide guidelines into how to act, how to engage and how to address business communication in online spaces.

Social networks are open to anyone. One mistake can cause a negative ripple across the internet and mark your business as the next company to undertake a major social media blunder.

Social Media Policies

The infographic below from Jaffe shows 5 components of a social media policy to outline a comprehensive set of online policies and procedures for law firms and lawyers striving to use social media effectively and responsibly.

The principles can be applied to any business that wants to consider its social media standards, policies and procedures.

5 Components Of A Social Media Policy

Image courtesy of Jaffe

Keep in mind that the presence of a social media policy is not the same as enforcement. It’s strongly suggested that you develop procedures to ensure adherence to your companies social media policy.

Social Media Policy Resources

Remember, you shouldn’t wait for an employee or stakeholder to act unreasonably, whether naively or while getting caught up in the moment, and to cause your business a PR disaster.

Sometimes, finding inspiration from reading other social media policies is the best course of action.

If you would like to read examples of real life social media policies from major brands and businesses alike, then check out this great resource I found below:

Click here to read examples of Social Media Policies

What do you think are the most important factors to consider in a social media policy document?