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Do you use LinkedIn to boost your blogging?

After listening to all the comments on my last post Large LinkedIn Networks: Are They Essential? it became apparent to me that bloggers tend to avoid LinkedIn.

True in fact that some said they didn’t even have a LinkedIn profile (shock, horror!).

How can established bloggers not use, or even be present on, “the worlds largest business network?”

Here’s my thoughts…

My top 8 reasons why bloggers avoid LinkedIn:

1. It takes much longer and comparably much more effort to establish meaningful connections.

2. It takes much longer and comparably much more effort to establish meaningful networks.

3. It takes much longer and comparably much more effort to participate in relevant social sharing circles (groups in LinkedIn’s case).

4. There isn’t any fast social sharing functionality or curation ability. There is a lot of manual effort involved.

5. LinkedIn isn’t integrated into as many social media management software platforms compared to other networks like Facebook or Twitter. Software such as BuzzBundle doesn’t have new LinkedIn discussion posting functionality, for example.

6. The content may not be suited for professional audiences. LinkedIn users are stereotypically going to be harder audiences to target. They are seen to: click less ads, buy less via affiliate links and share less.

7. There isn’t effective wider sharing capabilities on LinkedIn for cross-platform promotion (other than having the option to share updates to Twitter).

8. Bloggers don’t understand the real value that can be gained and so avoid LinkedIn.

It is understandable that effective bloggers are usually part of many online circles to increase their exposure and online presence. Adding LinkedIn, which may hamper syndication or participation “routines”, just may not be that desirable.

The main reason for why I think bloggers avoid LinkedIn is the real time and effort it takes to establish a valuable network.

Quick wins are great. Many small wins all add up. But a small win that takes a long time just isn’t worth the effort. Or is it?

Well, if the real value can be realised, I think many more bloggers would use LinkedIn, or use it better. Check out my two blog analysis articles, where:

  • After 7 days, LinkedIn was my biggest social referrer (article here)
  • After 30 days, it was my 3rd biggest social referrer with 1,012 unique visitors coming from LinkedIn (article here)

Avoid LinkedIn - Blog Stats

There is even an alternative tactic to spending time building strong audiences on LinkedIn. I don’t recommend this tactic because it basically adds numbers to a profile, but none-the-less removes a few of the “excuses” I’ve heard.

This tactic is becoming a LinkedIn LION and joining LinkedIn open networking groups. Here is a quick overview…

  1. Join LinkedIn and send connection invitations to as many LIONs as you can find using the LinkedIn advanced search functionality.
  2. Join up to 50 LinkedIn groups, making sure all groups do not have rules that prohibit blog post sharing.

Note: there are two settings in LinkedIn groups that moderate new accounts and those with few connections, so connect with LIONs first and then wait a few days before joining open groups to avoid these markers.)

Within no time at all, you can build a wide scope of up to 50 groups to promote new blog posts in. And have a network of new connections to try and build upon.

Try to build upon – because this short-term connection tactic won’t supercharge traffic or build lots of meaningful relationships. It will mostly be numbers.

But to some bloggers, numbers is the aim of the game.

The moral of the story? Don’t avoid LinkedIn and pass on strong opportunities that are proven to work just because it takes more effort than usual. That’s just lazy!

And a lazy blogger is a bad blogger…

See you on LinkedIn!

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