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Knowing powerful LinkedIn tips can be a strong asset to any business or professional marketing on the platform. LinkedIn is growing and continues to be a strong source for new leads or opportunities. I don’t see this changing anytime soon.

If your spending time and money on LinkedIn, it’s probably best you make sure that you’re doing it wisely. Fortunately for you, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the 100 (yes 100!) most powerful LinkedIn tips to optimise your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Let me know if you have any other LinkedIn tips to add in the comments. Which LinkedIn tips do you think are the most powerful?

LinkedIn Tips for your Profile

1. Write a creative and keyword-optimised professional headline
2. Add ALL your contact details your willing to share
3. Add your Twitter link
4. Links 3 other links to sites and use a creative Call-to-action (i.e. not “company website” but “Join our site for freebies”
5. Use profile updates wisely
6. Write a catchy and optimised summary
7. Add ALL your relevant work experience and explain important aspects of each position
8. Add links or files to support each work position
9. Add up to 50 skills and expertise that are relevant to your experience
10. Endorse your key connections
11. Add ALL your educational achievements
12. Add links or files to support each educational achievement
13. Update and optimise your profile URL
14. Provide and seek recommendations
15. Use LinkedIn applications and plugins to boost awareness
16. Promote your LinkedIn profile
17. Optimise ALL profile content for search engines
18. Update ALL account settings
19. Regularly update profile when anything changes
20. Upgrade your LinkedIn account to paid membership

LinkedIn Company Page Tips

21. Update and optimise your company page vanity URL
22. Write catchy and optimised introduction
23. Add relevant specialities
24. Add ALL business contact details
25. Create banners with links to website
26. Create multiple variations of your page for different audiences
27. Add any business videos
28. Add necessary page admins
29. Upload optimised logos
30. Add ALL products and services
31. Write catchy and optimised product/service descriptions
32. Include details of a connection to contact to find out more about products/services
33. Request product/service recommendations
34. Share company page updates regularly
35. Have content strategy for page update stream
36. Monitor insights tab
37. Optimise ALL page content for search engines
38. Promote company page
39. Regularly update page when anything changes

LinkedIn Groups Tips

40. Create a group and participate
41. Add keyword-optimised group name
42. Add group profile picture
43. Write group profile summary
44. Write group rules
45. Update ALL group settings
46. Publish group content regularly
47. Have content strategy for group updates
48. Add significant discussions to manager’s choice section
49. Create polls
50. Promote business developments in promotions tab
51. Advertise job opportunities in jobs tab
52. Consistently monitor the manage tab
53. Monitor group statistics
54. Promote group
55. Invite connections to join

LinkedIn Platform Tips

56. Be clear on your LinkedIn marketing goals
57. Create content and activity calenders for consistency and continuity
58. Invite new members to connect using advanced searches
59. Use find alumni to connect with past colleagues
60. Use search box for quicker navigation
61. ALWAYS write personalised messages, never use the defaults
62. Regularly keep in touch with existing connections
63. Monitor and use recent conversations tab on network page
64. Use home page to monitor network updates and engage
65. Set up LinkedIn channels for optimal content streaming
66. Read content from LinkedIn channels and engage with influencer’s
67. Link other social media sites to LinkedIn
68. Choose homepage filter setting for streamlined update notifications
69. Ask questions and and respond to others
70. Utilise Events to Engage Clients
71. Monitor jobs tab for work opportunities
72. Recruit using the jobs tab
73. Follow and engage with other company pages
74. Join and engage with other related groups (up to 50)
75. Monitor and respond to inbox messages
76. Monitor and respond to updates from the notification stream
77. Regularly check the “Who’s views your profile” tab
78. Search for yourself using different terms to see how others find/view you
79. Measure and analyse LinkedIn marketing efforts
80. Regularly check and update platform settings
81. Change password frequently

LinkedIn Advertising Tips

82. Create LinkedIn advertising account
83. Create multiple ad campaigns for each target audience
84. Choose media type (text or video)
85. Write catchy and optimal headlines and descriptions
86. Choose destination URL wisely (preferably to optimised landing page)
87. Use strong images that represent the message
88. Use Call-to-actions in each ad description
89. Run multiple variants of each ad
90. Choose optimal targeting parameters
91. Choose whether to use LinkedIn Audience Network for your ads to show on partner sites
92. Check whether estimated target audience is sufficient/refined enough
93. Set daily budgets
94. Choose Cost-per-click (highly recommended on LinkedIn) or Cost-per-impression
95. Turn on lead collections
96. Choose whether to run campaigns until a specific date or continuously
97. Use LinkedIn ads dashboard to monitor individual and overall campaign performance
98. Regularly choose the best performing ad variant and re-test with more variants
99. Use web analytics or heat-maps to track ad traffic on website
100. Use analysis to adjust ongoing ad campaigns