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One of the greatest things about blogs are blog comments. 

Leaving comments on other blogs provides a range of benefits and allows relationships with other bloggers and readers to be established.

It is part of the whole blogging process, giving insight into what other people think, stimulating new ideas and important in achieving other goals. A quick overview of some of the main benefits of blog commenting includes:

Establish Relationships

Commenting on a blog can help create relationships with the author or other people commenting on the blog, as the main focal point of interaction would be based on a topic you are both familiar with and have insight into.

Increase Awareness and Online Presence

Your name and comments are visible to the blogs authors and all their readers, which can potentially be a very wide audience. It can be a good way to promote yourself and your blog, creating awareness and adding to your online footprint.

Bigger scope to share ideas

The audience blog comments can reach is endless and makes it a good way to share ideas.

Engaging with different types of people from different cultures and backgrounds can make you think beyond your normal boundaries and can harness innovation and creativity.

Provide and Gain Additional Information on the Topic

Blog commenting can spark new discussions, both with Authors and Readers, giving a deeper understanding on the content and providing new insights that might not have been distinguished otherwise.

SEO Benefits

Blog comments can help SEO strategy by building authority – measured by the link profile of your site. External links from other sites are the single most powerful ranking tool among major search engines and commenting on other blogs is a good form of manual link building.

Getting Traffic

Partnered with all the above benefits of blog commenting is increasing traffic. Increasing the amount of people visiting a site is a good way to fulfill many goals and strategies set by individuals and businesses. Good quality comments can drive substantial traffic to your site when partnered with a sound social media strategy.

Is blog commenting a part of your social media strategy?

Do you ever read the comments section after reading a useful article?