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Do you have a strategic marketing process in place?

If you don’t think strategically about your marketing process, it’s likely that it won’t continue to meet customers needs and expectations over a sustainable period of time.

A well defined and feasibly written marketing strategy should set the foundations for achieving your businesses goals and aspirations.

Marketing Process Definition

In marketing, process refers to the procedures or processes that are developed to ensure the customer has a positive and memorable experience when purchasing and/or using your product or service.

“The process of doing so can be modeled in a sequence of steps: the situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is formulated for a value proposition, tactical decisions are made, the plan is implemented and the results are monitored.” – NetMBA

Marketing Process Planning

The marketing planning phase should analyse your internal strengths and weaknesses, your competition, changes in technology and industry, while providing an overall picture of the current state of your business.

You should be familiar with different approaches that outline various steps to take in your marketing process planning. These are typically summarised into the following phases:

  • Mission
  • Situation Analysis
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Control
  • Evaluation

Having a clear overview of your marketing process is key. Your planning should involve creating strategies that you can implement to achieve your desired results.

You should consider both your short term strategies and long term goals during the planning stage, paying particular attention to comparing the marketing risks with the potential business rewards.

Marketing Process Flowchart

You should try to work your marketing process into a visible road map for clarity of purpose. This will enable you to communicate your actions to other business stakeholders while identifying any gaps that you might else have missed.

Marketing process flowcharts will differ depending on your business and intentions but should contain some common elements, as shown in the diagram below.

Marketing Process Flowchart - How To Implement Your Strategic Marketing Process

Marketing Process Flowchart: Image courtesy of MBT Marketing

Key Elements of Marketing Process

There are essentially four key elements of a marketing process:

  1. Research
  2. Strategy
  3. Planning
  4. Tactics

Research is often an undervalued practice, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. gathering sufficient marketing research will allow your planning to be based on solid evidence and data, rather than hunches or emotion.

Strategies will ultimately decide the vision of the company and subsequently, your goals and mission. Your strategic plan needs to be well thought of by realistically considering all possibilities and contingencies.

Planning dictates the actions that will allow you to achieve where you want to be. Your marketing plan should involve sales forecasting, financial planning, communications strategy and many other benchmarks which define how your business is going to achieve its strategic goals in future.

Tactics are your short term actions that you will implement to attract customers, provide better value for your customers than your competitions, increase sales, or any other short term objectives which need to be achieved.

Marketing Process: Online Marketing Funnels

Marketing Process Video Transcript

This was taken directly from YouTube, so the transcription quality is pretty bad…

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Marketing Process Implementation

In order to successfully implement a strategic marketing process, you must have clarity in what need to be done and when. This is key to ensure the implementation of your plan is achieved without fault and without disconnect.

To aid you in your marketing process implementation and to help get your marketing funnel fully operational, a framework can be used to map out the key stages in your execution and delivery. This will allow you to envision the entire logical path for moving someone from initial awareness to advocate.

Marketing Process Implementation

Marketing Process Implementation: Image courtesy of DuctTapeMarketing

Your Strategic Marketing Process

If you haven’t thought or acted strategically in your marketing process so far, then it’s never a bad time to go back and recreate the blueprints.

A successful marketing process is based upon sound understanding of what needs to be done, when to do it, what it would effect, how it is implemented and how it is analysed, measured and reported upon.

Could your business benefit from a robust marketing process?

Do you already have a marketing plan that isn’t fulfilling your business goals or objectives?