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I’ve been reading some great social media marketing articles this week. I have bookmarked the very best I’ve come across so that I can share them with you and give credit where credit is due.

All of my best social media marketing articles I share do not come from “superblogs”. They come from smaller blogs for one single reason – the content is better.

Take a look at my hand-picked, best 20 social media marketing articles of the week. These have been an interesting read for me, so I’m sure they will be useful for you. In no particular order…

The Best Social Media Marketing Articles Of The Week: 8/12/13

1. Do you have a content strategy? Jesse Aaron published a great piece on how content affects your marketing practices and what you ought to be considering when implementing a content marketing strategy.

2. Ever heard of UTM tagging? Then now is a good time to find out what it is and how you can leverage it to monitor and analyse various marketing metrics. Anthony Contoleon outlines 13 excellent examples of Google Analytics UTM tagging.

3. Cormac Scanlan provides a nice recap on his Pinterest experiences and provides 5 tips to help inspire your photography.

4. Throughout social marketing, there are many common myths that people fall victim to. Pratik Dholakiya highlights 3 content marketing practices that many will find ingrained into their routines and ask you to stop. Nicely.

5. If you use YouTube, then you will know that the most frequently talked about metric is video views. How do you get more traffic to your YouTube videos? Sahil Umatia offers 10 tips.

6. Possibly my unofficial favourite article of the week. Jonathan Scheine informs of Google Plus “secret features” that I’m sure many of you will not know about. They’re pretty cool features too!

7. Social media etiquette is imperative to get right. Don’t look like an ass and follow J. Mattern‘s 20 dos and don’ts.

8. Sharing is caring. And when it comes to your Pinterest Pins going viral, Mitt Ray has the theory covered. This nice infographic includes the key ingredients necessary for your pins to go viral.

9. Zac Johnson has it spot on with his 7 tips for writing better blog comments. It’s nice to show the author appreciation and by doing so, you can also use your comment for mutual gain. Pay attention to these tips and you could find your comments providing value to new sets of audiences.

10. Alchemy Worx created a cool infographic on debunking the 7 myths of email marketing. How many subscribers do you think mark emails from brands as spam?

11. But… But… There are always so many hurdles for business owners with reluctance. Ralph M. Rivera makes a prediction, which I think is inevitable, that SMB’s will continue to ignore or misuse a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy in 2014. It’s more of a sales pitch, but I still think its interesting to understand other client’s thought processes.

12. Every article you write should complement your keyword strategy. Reid Bandremer focuses on some of the common big mistakes that people make when it comes to keyword targeting.

13. Ileane Smith seems to be everywhere with great content (well played!). Here are a few of her tips for saving time in social marketing that produce better results.

14. If no one see’s your content, it’s pretty much useless. Allie Lewis recaps on a few simple practices that you can implement every time you publish a piece of content.

15. I have a big post planned in the very near future that will summarise my whole blogging month after relaunch. Before that drops, have a good read of Vukasin Ilic’s monthly summary. It should provide some useful insights into how you can adjust your blogging strategies and improve your campaigns.

16. An interesting piece by Mike Allton that I hold in high merit due to the fact his theory is backed up by real stats. If you’re thinking about spending money on Facebook advertising, you should definitely read this first.

17. Have you ever participated in a Twitter chat? Cathy McPhillips published a useful step-by-step guide that explains how to integrate Twitter chats into your content plan.

18. If you’re serious about online marketing, you will realise the value in measuring and analysing particular metrics. Dave Snyder discusses 11 must measure KPIs to keep you focusing on what really matters.

19. LinkedIn groups are valuable spaces for networking with like-minded professionals and targeted marketing. Melonie Dodaro posted a 10-step infographic for setting up and optimising your LinkedIn group. It should cover pretty much all the basics you will need to know.

20. Many people not directly involved with digital marketing will no doubt hear some funny sounding acronyms or phrases and wonder what the hell people are talking about. Scarlett Darbyshire wrote a social media glossary for common terms, which I might use for inspiration for a piece in the not so distant future!


Have I Missed Some Social Media Marketing Articles?

The list above includes some of the most insightful and informative posts I’ve caught in my streams this week. If I’ve missed out on a gem, please let me know in the comments below!