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A challenging task for any business that actively campaigns within the online space, is integrating social media strategies to align with their specific and wider objectives.

Many businesses do not realise that all their social media strategies should point to a set of underlying business objectives, with each strategy effecting the other and influencing the overall campaign success.

The implementation of each strategy should be broken down into broad task activities, allowing flexibility and adaptation where necessary, providing strategy plans, task scheduling, and realisation of the campaign requirements.

If you were to illustrate this concept visually, you would find different social media strategies that overlap and integrate with each other, activity breakdowns that influence all of the social media strategies, and every element effecting the wider campaign and business objectives.

There are many businesses that still do not realise the potential of social media in creating value or helping to achieve their overall vision and objectives. Achieving success in any one marketing strategy can contribute to performance gains in other niches. Using social media to leverage any smaller wins can further improve business practice and benefits.

If a business undertakes various social media campaigns with the intention of sales and lead generation, yet achieves high levels of engagement within their industry and comprehensive reputation management without enhanced profits, the initial analysis and reports would suggest that the campaign failed or was not effective. The campaign could have perhaps been misguided or the activity breakdown was unbalanced, and strategy adjustments could be made.

Ongoing analysis and performance measurement is critical in determining the best strategies, the implementation methods and the channels for delivery, so this initial process could be used in improving existing or future campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Usually with business, it is all about the bottom line. If they invest time and resources in utilising a comprehensive social media campaign and it does not increase sales or profitability, they would unlikely continue to focus the same level of involvement or input in social media. This is reasonable, yet possibly naive for future developments and long-term sustainability.

Social media is not an overnight marketing solution, nor does it suggest to replace traditional marketing methods or business practices.

It is powerful in enhancing current business activities and marketing campaigns and at reaching highly targeted audiences. Pushing particular products or services within a person-to-person communication model will not work in certain circumstances. In these situations, it is the additional benefits and advantages social media brings to the table which justifies the value of time and money spent on the campaigns.

What are your thoughts on the introduction of social media to established businesses?

Do you spend time and resources focusing on social media activities for other benefits other than sales and lead generation?