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I read a lot of digital marketing articles. A hell of a lot. I thought that I would start to make a note of the best digital marketing articles I read every few weeks, to save you having to sift through all the poor and mediocre ones yourself.

It’s also nice to see what people are reading and what has been useful to them. I sometimes go off on a tangent – it’s only human nature to do so. I like to keep up to date with technology and boxing news, as well as reading about social media updates, digital marketing articles and web design resources.

My lists will focus on digital marketing articles and resources related to this blog – content that is helpful to readers looking to find out more and learn about social and digital marketing. I hope this will be complementary to my own resources and provide further reading to those who are keen to expand their knowledge and understanding.

So here is my summary of all the best digital marketing related articles I’ve read recently. It would be great to hear which is your favourite, or if I missed out on a gem!

6 Social Communities That Will Increase Your Blog Traffic

If you are looking to increase your blog traffic, then these social communities are definately worth exploring. Devesh outlines 6 of the best social communities that could be helpful to you.

A Marketer’s Guide to Facebook Marketing for 2014

Craig provides a nice overview of what is currently trending in Facebook Marketing, so that you can prepare for 2014. This should put you in good stead to know how to adapt or revitalise your strategies going into the new year.

8 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

If you’re planning to start selling online, then establishing a solid foundation in your website is key. Dhiraj discusses 8 of the best WordPress plugins that you really need to look into.


Onsite SEO – The SEO Anatomy of a Blog Post

Not only do I love the design and user experience of Robert’s blog, he also wrote a knock-out article that is easy to digest on how you should be optimising your website for the search engines.

What You Should Not Do On Twitter

You probably have a good understanding of how you should be using Twitter (if not, then read my article here), but do you have a crystal clear feel for what you definitely shouldn’t be doing? Nancy captures some nice points in her article.


Get Your Blog Indexed Fast by Google

If you have just started blogging, or plan to in the near future, then Arun’s article is a must read. He provides a nice round-up of what indexing is and how to get your blog indexed quickly.


6 Top Tips to Make Sure Your Business Idea is Taken Seriously

It’s usually not enough to just come up with a great business idea. You need others to take it seriously, especially if it involves partners or investors. SMB Authors give 6 tips you can implement to convince others to see your idea in the same light.

50 Experts Reveal How to Promote Your Blog with Just 3 Tools

Probably the most comprehensive list I’ve seen on gathering input for how to best promote your blog posts using tools. It’s interesting to read Richard’s recap from 50 experts that the #1 tool used is AWeber, followed by Hootsuite and then Twitter.

Monitor Backlinks – 7 juicy inside and outside the box strategies

If you want to read more into SEO strategies that could complement your marketing or blogging practices, then David’s article can teach you just that. He review’s his methods for using software called MonitorBacklinks and explains how you could benefit from this tool.


These are only the tip of the iceberg in what I’ve been reading recently. Hopefully, they will provide some good pointers into complementary resources for the content you read here at my blog.

Have Digital Marketing Articles That I Simply Must Read?

digital marketing articles - BuzzBundleIf you know of digital marketing articles or resources that I just have to read and feature, then please let me know! I love to fill my head with more knowledge and am keen to hear other people’s opinions about experiences they have had in online marketing.

But please don’t add links to the comments section if the article is substandard. I read and comment on nearly all digital marketing articles that I share with my audiences. I am pretty good at spotting content that has been recycled or written quickly without any unique insight or knowledge.