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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important aspect of Facebook campaigns and Facebook Business Page’s. It should especially be at the forefront when setting up your Facebook Business Page.

Doing so allows businesses to maximise their tactics and strategies by optimising their Facebook Business Page’s promotional power. Spending time before launching a new Facebook Business Page to make sure optimisation has been carefully considered can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. Below are 5 ways you can optimise your Facebook Business Page.

1. Featured Photos

You may want to reconsider your top 5 featured photos feed to ensure that page visitors see your images in the order you want them to see them, every single time they check out your page.

You can either set the featured photos to refresh every time you add a photo, or you can set the feed to present a fixed, branded visual to captivate your visitors. This is an overlooked feature of a Facebook Business Page that can be optimised quickly and easily to showcase the right images at the right times.

2. Follower Tagging

Another optimisation technique you can incorporate into your Facebook Business Page is tagging your photos with the names of your followers. Using the “@” symbol, you can add your followers to posts and photos, so that they (and their following) are instantly notified of your activity and their involvement. Specific campaigns can leverage this tactic – one example is with weekly promotions or competitions and letting the winner and their network know they have won.

3. Keywords

If you aware of SEO then you would have heard about keywords. They are a magnet for search engine visibility and incorporating keywords throughout your Facebook Page, updates, photo descriptions and generally your overall communication, will indeed boost your Facebook page’s SEO benefits.

4. Facebook Tabs

Facebook Business Page have tabs beneath the Facebook covers that are highly customisable and functional. They can be used in a number of different ways to showcase various information or to provide call to actions.

Tabs can be set up to redirect to business websites, open a new Facebook page with welcome messages or sign up boxes, or include fan gates for content only visible for those who have liked the page. The possibilities really are endless. But optimising these can make all the difference in increasing conversions in Facebook campaigns.

5. Vanity URL

Never settle for the URL that Facebook first sets for your Facebook page. Having a vanity URL that is consistent with your business will increase searchability and visibility, along with having a more shareable and easy to remember link to provide to your audiences.

SEO For Your Facebook Business Page

If you’ve had previous experience with Facebook Business Pagea and have not realised their true benefits, or if you’re about to embark on a new Facebook campaign, then incorporating these 5 SEO techniques can help to ensure that your business is maximising its Facebook potential.