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Marketing design considerations need to be made whenever you invest in marketing campaigns. There are six main aspects that you need to focus on at all times and if just one is missed, then your marketing campaigns are likely to operate at sub-optimal levels.

What Marketing Resources Should Be Considered?

Before you can make any marketing design considerations, you need to understand what resources you will need to use in your campaigns and the extent to which each can be considered for design.

There are numerous types of resources available in marketing. You may use press releases to alert people of the latest product news, or have templates to make your email marketing campaign more efficient. Your website, landing pages and lead magnets will need to be purposefully designed for capture, convince and conversion tactics. And your social media profiles should stand out for the right reasons in your industry or niche.

When making your marketing design considerations, you need to think about each resource individually. This will help to ensure you’re maximising the available functionality, while staying consistent and objective-driven.

Understand why marketing design is important before developing your resources and platforms. Then, keep in mind these six specific marketing design considerations and ensure you are clear on each…

1. Scalability

Your marketing is likely to start off small. You don’t need to spread yourself too thin to start until your business starts growing.

Soon, you will have more resources available to you and will need to reach and satisfy bigger markets. It’s really important to think about the scalability of any marketing campaign. Can it be expanded when you need it to? If it can’t be scaled, then will it still be able to satisfy your future targets?

Preparing to succeed with expansion is definitely a key marketing design consideration because if you don’t think big, you will never reach a level of significance.

2. Consistency

All the marketing design considerations are important, but if you’re not consistent with using your resources, then you are not going to achieve the level of branding you desire.

For example, if you’re going to implement email marketing, you need to make sure updates are sent out regularly to keep people interested, but also look and feel the same as all your other marketing resources. If you want to blog, it needs to include the same style and format as your other website resources.

3. Meeting Your Objectives

There is no point in having marketing resources if they do not work towards meeting your objectives. They would be a waste of time and money.

You need to have your business objectives to start with, so you can then make sure your resources meet them. Sit down and think about what you want to gain from your marketing campaigns. What are your goals and what steps will you take to make sure all your resources work towards those goals?

4. Clarity

The last thing you need is misleading content on your blog, or a questionable landing page. People want to read or see something that is clear and straight to the point.

They don’t want to fish around for the catch, or guess whether you mean one thing or something else. More often than not, people are going to click away and if your business messaging is unclear and not easy to understand.

5. Personality

How many times have you read a blog post that is boring? It just seems to drone on and on like a student textbook. Every piece of marketing needs to have personality to it. But it can’t just be any personality. It needs to be your personality.

Personality does not just apply to your writing either. You need to think about the images and media used on your website, and the look and feel of your other marketing resources.

When your personality is successfully absorbed, you leave a lasting impression on people and they are likely to remember your content in future.

6. Relevancy

If your marketing isn’t relevant to your audience, they’re not going to take actions. It’s as simple as that.

It’s critical to make sure that every resource is targeted at the right type of people. This means you need to fully understand your customer before trying to design marketing resources that are attractive to them.

The best marketing is that which solves a very important problem, to a specific type of person. Messaging will be laser targeted and well received by your audience.

Are You Clear On All 6 Of These Marketing Design Considerations?

The above marketing design considerations are essential if you want to run effective marketing campaigns.

Treat each marketing design consideration seriously for every single resource you use. It may take longer than first expected to put so much effort into making sure materials are purposefully developed, but it will certainly pay dividends in the long run.

Do you go the extra mile to make sure your marketing resources are well designed and developed?

What impact do you think well designed marketing materials have on your campaigns?