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Some social media manager blunders are “natural” – happening while operating with a lack of knowledge and understanding.

Some happen even though a social media manager knows their doing it, usually due to a lack of effort or care.

Then there are some social media manager blunders that are just comical that some people continually fall into. These are usually the most avoidable.

It’s time to learn from these mistakes and to start using your social media presence effectively at all times. Below are the 10 most common social media manager blunders and the best ways to avoid them. Have a read and let me know which you think falls into each of the three categories of mistake.

#1: Not Using A Skilled And Dedicated Social Media Manager

When you decide to hire a social media manager for your social marketing campaigns, you need someone with experience, knowledge and skills. Hiring someone without this could lead to your performance suffering and even as far as being banned or having serious reputational repercussions.

Rogue or newbie social media managers could buy fake likes or followers to skew metrics in their favour, or spam other people with business messaging. You just never know unless you do your research and find out beforehand before considering to hire or outsource a dedicated social media marketer.

#2: Not Using The Right Tools

Like any job, your social media manager needs the right tools. One of the biggest social media manager blunders is trying to make do with just the bare basics. Some of the essential areas of social media where tools will be needed include listening, monitoring, measurement, management and marketing.

#3: Expecting Reciprocation

You see a post from someone else, so retweet it or share it on your Facebook page. Now you expect that person to reciprocate and share one of your posts. That is one of the worst social media manager blunders you will make.

People share because they find your content useful or engaging, and not because you’ve shared theirs first. If you want people to share your posts, get to know them and engage effectively while creating great content. Make yourself known in a good way, and you will eventually see it pay off.

#4: Being Unresponsive

Social media is about being sociable. Too many businesses leave questions or queries piling up on their feeds or pages, with the idea they will get back to them later. That later never comes, and you look like you’re ignoring people.

Nothing stops in social media so make sure you are responsive and show that you do indeed want their business. This may even mean 24 hour coverage for larger businesses. Why? Simply – because it’s good business and ultimately worthwhile.

#5: Negative Responses To Complaints Or Bad Reviews

You can’t please everyone all the time. While you try to do that, there will be unhappy customers and bad reviews. Don’t fall into the trap of the social media manager blunders that involve responding negatively or attacking unhappy customers. You want to try and make it right, and the best way to do that is apologise for failing to meet expectations.

#6: Communicating In Bulk When Personal Is Better

There are times that bulk communication is needed. However, there are also times that personal communication is better. This shows customers or your general followers that you’re interested in their specific needs and problems.

Don’t alienate people by cutting corners and responding to different people at once when it’s inappropriate. Two examples that come to mind include sending emails to multiple people, or a writing a generic response on Twitter and including multiple handles.

#7: Coming Across As Spammy

Watch out for looking spammy, whether it’s through messages or in your newsfeed. People don’t want to see update after update of your products on sale. They want engaging and interesting content. Share others’ updates and use your social media time to communicate with your followers and engage in relevant discussions.

Top 10 Social Media Manager Blunders and How to Avoid Them - Twitter Spam

#8: Telling Lies/Skewing The Truth

One of the biggest social media manager blunders that will turn people off is telling lies. Skewing the truth is just as bad. This involves phrases like “you’re the first person to say this” or “we’ve never had this complaint before.”

It makes the customer think that they are partially to blame, even though you know it is a common occurrence. The customers will eventually find out that you’re not fixing common problems, and they will walk away.

I say this often but reputation is hard to gain and easy to lose. Don’t give it away by being untruthful and letting yourself and your business down.

#9: Plagiarising

Plagiarising is not just wrong; it is illegal. You could end up having to go to court and paying a hefty sum, depending on the type of content you use.

It is stealing, and your customers will not be happy when they find out you’re someone who does it. The question then is what else are you copying? It doesn’t matter if it is sales images for your products or uncited content on your blog. The best thing is to avoid this blunder completely by properly referencing any content you use.

#10: Not Building Or Developing Knowledge Or Skills

People often don’t realise that they’re making this one of the 10 social media manager blunders. If you’re not developing or building on your knowledge or skills, you end up stagnant.

There is always something new to learn, and standing still will mean you’re not progressing. Keep investing in yourself and continually look for ways to improve what you do. Anything less is just not acceptable.

Are You Making Any Of These Social Media Manager Blunders?

Your social media presence offers a look from the outside into your business. Make sure it’s looking good!

Customers want to see that you are responsive, friendly, and helpful at all times. They want to know that you are good at what you do and that you care about their concerns. Be sure to avoid the 10 most common social media manager blunders listed above and you will be on your way to doing so.

What other social media manager blunders have you experienced?