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Any business with an active online presence will benefit from using effective social media tactics. As more and more customers are using various social media platforms, you need to participate in a way that will catch and convert their attention.

Here are 20 quick social media tactics you can start using today to boost your online presence.

#1: Profile Complete?

Is your profile complete? People will use this to find out more about you, and find where your business is. If it isn’t complete, people are less willing to trust you.

#2: Widen Your Scope

There are so many social media platforms out there. You may currently stick with Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but you need to wide your scope. It’s time to look into the other platforms to see how they benefit you. Start blogging or use Pinterest to show your off products and services.

#3: Think Visual Media

One of the most effective social media tactics is to use visual media. Think about when you’re looking through your Facebook newsfeed. What is more likely to stand out: a photo or a short update? Images and videos catch people’s attention, so start using them to your advantage.

#4: Cross-Promote

Working with other businesses is one of the best social media tactics you can opt for. This will take longer than the others, but it lasts longer too. It’s worth finding businesses within your area that can offer services that link to yours, or others that are willing to establish a cross-promotional campaign.

#5: Speak to Existing Customers

The whole point of social media is to be sociable. So, it’s time to use it that way by striking up conversations with your current customers.

#6: Actively Speak to New Prospects

People will contact you on a regular basis. This is one of the social media tactics that gets people engaged, so they’re more likely to buy from you. Once they reach your page, profiles or website, you want to keep them coming back.

#7: Offer Competitions

Contests are great social media tactics to use. It usually involves liking and sharing your marketing resources for the chance to win a product or service. You could also have a top fan competition to get more people commenting and liking updates.

#8: Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing? Use social media to research them and discover what they are doing right and what isn’t working for them. Use this to stay one step ahead at all times.

#9: Do Audience Research

What does your audience want from you? One way of doing this research is by asking your audience, but you can also look into the type of posts that get more likes or the ones that are shared with more people.

#10: Store Future Content Ideas

When you see an idea for future content, you need to store it somewhere. Twitter allows you to favourite posts, but some you will need to write down elsewhere, whether on your computer or in a notebook. Don’t expect to remember everything!

20 Quick Social Media Tactics to Boost Your Presence Today - half way there

#11: Listen to Your Customers

Everyone wants to feel like their custom and support means something to whoever they give it to. Listen to everything – people talk on social media whether you like it or not and there is huge amounts of data that can be used to your advantage when collected and analysed effectively.

#12: Build Your Email List

Use your social media tactics to promote your landing pages and lead magnets. This gives you the chance to collect email addresses for future email marketing initiatives.

#13: Reengage With Old Clients

Customers and clients disappear. Get in touch whether through private messages or tagging people into a post to see how they are. It’s often all they need to come back, and it can appear on their profile to alert others you still exist.

#14: Remember Hashtags

Hashtags group posts together, and people use them to find posts that are about a topic they are interested in. Trending terms and hashtags also appear on most social media sites, making it easy for people to find posts about a specific topic.

#15: Be Yourself

Remember this is a form of branding. You want to include your brand’s personality when using any of the above social media tactics. People get to know you, and in doing so are more likely to trust you.

#16: Start Using Infographics

Remember the visual media point? Infographics are a mixture of image and data, making it easy for your readers to digest while being visually appealing.

#17: Don’t Neglect Video

This goes back to the visual media point again. People love videos. And so does Google.

In fact, the difference in people wanting to read a 10 minute article and watching a 10 minute YouTube video is astonishing.

#18: Clear Goals

What do you want to achieve from the social media tactics? Set your goals, so you can plan to reach them.

#19: Opt for Paid Advertising

Paid advertising allows for wider exposure than what you can penetrate from your immediate networks. It increases your reach, and is a tried and tested method for increasing your online presence. It definitely isn’t cheating!

#20: Ask for Help

There are plenty of experts out there. If you don’t know how to use these social media tactics to your advantage, or don’t have time to implement them effectively, then ask for help.

Start Using These Social Media Tactics

Try to Understand this – knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing. Make sense? Good! It’s something I always try to keep in mind myself.

Which of these social media tactics do you think will be most important to you?